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In Memoriam: Percy F. Hall
March 6, 1928 - May 30, 2019
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Viola Trios and Quartets

Viola Trio
Bach Minuets in C - Bach/Hall
Difficulty: E  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20722101  
Bach composed these two Minuets for piano for his wife Anna Magdalena. They are familiar to anyone who has played piano for several years because they are standard fare. The melodies are often performed as solos for young developing players on any and all string instruments as well. The key of C major suits the tessitura of the three viola parts and also makes a fine trio for 2 violas and a cello. Duration 3’40.” Parts are well marked for style and bowings.

Viola Quartets
Grave and Allegro - Telemann/Hall
Difficulty: MD  OMEA Class: A  Publ. Code: 20723103  
Telemann composed three outstanding concertos for four violins (G Major, C Major, and D major). This Grave and Allegro for viola quartet is a transcription of the 3rd and 4th movements of the Concerto in D. It has been transposed to G Major so that it lies for the violas as it does for the violins in D. The Grave is an intense lyrical imitative piece in 3/2 meter followed by the Allegro in a contrapuntal style with individual imitations of the themes and at times imitation in pairs. Bowings have been marked with care to aid in rehearsal. This is a fine addition to the ensemble literature for violas.

Adagio and Allegro - Telemann/Hall            Score sample
Difficulty: M  OMEA Class: B  Publ. Code: 00437  
Telemann composed three outstanding concertos for four violins. This Adagio and Allegro is an arrangement of the first and second movements of the Concerto in D. It has been lowered a fifth to G major so that the finger patterns will be the same as they are for violins in the original key. It was arranged for a quartet with three advanced players and one not as advanced, hence the more technical parts found in the 4th part have been skillfully moved to other parts. The composition remains in tact musically as Telemann conceived it. The listener will have no idea the parts have been changed! The Adagio is only 5 measures long, but is perhaps the most difficult to play musically. (measures 18 thru 22 are a publishers error and should be omitted.

The Bluebells of Scotland - Scottish Air/Hall
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20723102  
This ancient Scottish air is well known the world over. Simplicity of the melody, harmony and form make it a good candidate for variations. The key is D major, and it begins in a traditional homophonic style, followed by just two variations-first as a waltz, and then as a polka. This is a great ensemble for the developing viola players, giving them opportunity for small ensemble experience, and equally effective with cello on the lower voice. Duration is just over 2 minutes.

Trumpet Voluntary - Clarke/Hall            Score sample
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 00444  
This familiar processional march was attributed to Purcell until 1953 when an original score was found proving Jeremiah Clarke to be the composer. He was organist and choir master at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in the early 1200’s. The music is to be played in a strong accented style with full bow strokes to capture the regal spirit of the music. It fills a need for small ensembles for violas. Parts are not complex. However, the first player must learn to play in 3rd position in order to play the trills effectively. The key is G major and duration is 3’20.”

Country Dance - Hall
Difficulty: E  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20723101  
An original work for four violas in the style of a European country dance, designed to give developing viola players an opportunity for small ensemble experience. It is not complex rhythmically. The 4th part is more independent than the other three, and can be very effectively played by cello. The form is ABA beginning in G major, moving to C major and back again to G. Style,bowings and dynamics are clearly indicated to facilitate rehearsing. Duration is about 2’20” depending upon the tempo taken.

“OMEA Class” refers to the assigned difficulty rating on the Ohio Music Educators Association Required List.

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