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In Memoriam: Percy F. Hall
March 6, 1928 - May 30, 2019
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Clarinet Trios

New on the OMEA Ensemble List - Jan. 2012

Chromatic Waltz - Percy Hall
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 50442002  
The idea behind composing this trio was to teach (and maybe even force) the players to learn all of the chromatic fingerings on the clarinet, and as you are aware, there are quite a few  of them. My thought was that it would be much more fun, and a more musical experience to learn them in a trio full of melodies, rather than, or in addition to, just playing chromatic scales.  Your clarinetists will enjoy the piece, and if the teacher is not a clarinetist, there could be some chromatic fingerings to learn as well

Song and Polka - Percy Hall
Difficulty: E Grade 2. Jr High, Easy High  OMEA Class: not listed  Publ. Code: 50442001  
This trio was originally composed for trumpets. It became so widely performed it is now published for clarinets, flutes and saxophones which means it would be possible to rehearse those instruments all together. The piece calls for the ability of players to play independent rhythms, and also to play in both legato and staccato styles. Each player also has a short solo.

Previously listed

Rondo from Clarinet Concerto - Mozart/Hall
Difficulty: D  OMEA Class: A  Publ. Code: 20442151  
This concerto by Mozart is the first significant solo piece ever written for the clarinet. The instrument was just coming into prominence during his lifetime and he was impressed with the sound and facility of the instrument as played by an acquaintance Anton Stadler. All three movements of this well known piece are frequently performed as This is a slightly abridged form of the familiar third movement, omitting only one of the themes. The trio is in the key of Bb Concert where it lies well under the fingers of the Bb clarinet. The solo part and most of the orchestral parts are included. The first and second parts are of equal difficulty with the third part a bit less demanding. It was arranged for the Mansfield Symphony Woodwind Trio who perform it regularly on children’s concerts. It is a valuable addition to the ensemble literature for three clarinets and opens up the opportunity for outstanding clarinetists to experience this wonderful piece in the form of chamber music when they might not have the opportunity to perform it as a soloist.

Falling Leaves - Hall
Difficulty: M  OMEA Class: B  Publ. Code: 20442150  
Falling Leaves is a descriptive composition. The first four measures describe the autumn breeze that stirs up the dying leaves, and the descending scales in the next four measures are a musical picture of the leaves falling to the ground. Musically it is the form of a rondo. The themes can be described as A B A C A. The scale and arpeggio passages lie well for the clarinet and articulations have been carefully marked. There are short solos for each of the three players which need to be played with much rubato. Check the metronome marking for a suitable tempo keeping in mind the meter is cut time.

The Maid and the Grenadier -Hall, arr
Difficulty: M  OMEA Class: B  Publ. Code: 20442151  
Two contrasting English songs make up this trio. Polly Oliver is an old English Ballad which has been arranged in a lyrical singing style to contrast the march which follows. Rule, Britannia was composed in the early 1700’s by Dr. Thomas Arne as a song of national pride, boasting of England’s naval power. The key for the clarinets is F major. The parts lie well for the instruments and offer some technical challenges in all parts in Rule, Britannia. Even though it is scored for clarinet trio, it works well for a trio with bass clarinet, or bassoon on the lowest part. Optional parts are supplied.

Peasant Dance - Hall
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20442152  
This original trio is written in the style of an Austrian folk dance which is often played by a clarinet accompanied by an accordion, and perhaps a string bass or tuba. Try to picture dancers in Lederhosen skipping lightly to the music, punctuated by an occasional stomp, and you will capture the light-hearted spirit of the music. The music lies very well for the clarinet. Most of the 1st part is in the clarion register, making a good tone necessary in that range. The key is C major for the clarinets and knowledge and use of the chromatic fingerings will be helpful.

Holiday - Hall
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: Jr.High Recommended List  Publ. Code: 00101  
Holiday was written for three clarinetists who were good friends and wanted to perform as a trio. Since two of the players were more advanced than the other, the third part never leaves the chalumeau register, but it still demands much in the way of technical skill in playing the independent rhythms and melodic lines. The title describes the joyful mood of the piece. It is often performed in Jr. High/Middle School contests in Ohio and is on the contest list in several other states.

Triple Treat - Hall
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: Jr. not on the list  Publ. Code: 00187  
This exciting trio was originally composed for trumpet trio, and is also published for flute trio and saxophone trio and also as a clarinet trio. It has been frequently performed in Ohio Ensemble Contests. Starting with a brief legato introduction, the character changes quickly to a light, bouncy melody that provides a rewarding challenge to developing performers. The key is C for the clarinets, and the fast slurred passages fit right under the fingers making the end result sound much more difficult than it is.

Two British Ballads - Hall, arr.
Difficulty: E  OMEA Class: Jr. High Recommended List  Publ. Code: 00194  
These two familiar songs from the British Isles are excellent literature for young musicians. Technical skills are at a minimum allowing many opportunities for concentration on the musical aspects of the performance. This is an excellent vehicle for teaching legato playing. Phrasing has been carefully marked to dovetail the phrases. Part 3 is all in the chalumeau register, and part 2 is mostly, except for a few notes. When Love Is Kind is an English folk song, and Flow Gently, Sweet Afton is from Scotland. The familiar Christmas text Away In A Manger is also sung to this tune. An excellent trio for young clarinetists.

“OMEA Class” refers to the assigned difficulty rating on the Ohio Music Educators Association Required List.

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