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In Memoriam: Percy F. Hall
March 6, 1928 - May 30, 2019
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String Quintets

Prelude and Rondeau - Corelli & Mouret/Hall            Score sample
 OMEA Class: A  Publ. Code: 00442  
This is a two movement work by a well known Italian composer, Corelli, and a lesser known French composer, Mouret. They are both from the 17th century and these two pieces complement each other well. The prelude is a lovely cantabile adagio, and the Rondeau (familiar as the theme of the TV series “Masterpiece Theater”) is in the style of a processional march. This arrangement of that popular piece is very close to the original scoring by Mouret for brass quintet. It is contrapuntal all the way thru requiring independent reading in all parts. The final result will be well worth the effort. This is also available for your string orchestra (00482) so that your entire orchestra can experience it.

Tower Music for Strings - Pezel & Anonymous/Hall            Score sample
Difficulty: M  OMEA Class: B  Publ. Code: 00441  
A suite of 3 pieces from the early Baroque period composed originally for brass ensembles who were employed to play in the town towers to signal the various times of the day. The first two are by Johann Pezel and the third by an anonymous composer is titled Die Bankelsangerlieder (The Benchsingers Song). These are very popular pieces for brass quintets today, and they adapt very well to string performance with changes of key stylistic markings and bowings supplied. This is also available for string orchestra (00481 which would allow your entire orchestra to experience and enjoy it.

Jesu,Joy of Man’s Desiring - Bach/Hall
Difficulty: M  OMEA Class: not on list  Publ. Code: 00477  
This is a unique arrangement of this popular piece in that the chorale melody, usually sung by a chorus, has been given to the cello section an octave lower than the original. This voicing is designed to allow the melody to project in a different voice range than the very familiar obligato accompaniment in the violin section. When this occurs the 2nd violin and viola sections are playing supporting parts in the range below the cello voice. The arranger is confident that Bach himself would be pleased with this voicing! This is also available for full string orchestra (00474) which achieves a wonderful full and resonant sound with the entire cello section playing the chorale melody.

Early American Suite - Hall, arr.
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 00436  
Included are 6 songs and hymns which are a very important part of our American heritage. Four fiddle tunes are included: Blue-Tail Fly, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Kingdom’s Comin’, and Arkansas Traveler. The two hymn tunes are Chester (the fight song of the American revolution) and Duke Street. This arrangement can be treated as two suites in one with an optional ending after the first three songs. This quintet arrangement is also available as a quartet without the bass (00479), and as a trio for 2 violins and cello, or for violin, viola and cello.

Fiddle-A-Jig - Hall            Score sample
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 00443  
This is an original work based on the rhythm of one of the most popular Irish dances, the jig. However, this is more of a concert jig, rather than one to play for dancing, because it has frequent ritards and a tempos at phrase endings which offer the opportunity of valuable ensemble experience of learning to play together without a conductor. Parts are all in first position and the keys are G and C major. The meter is 6/8 but the beat is 2 per measure so there are many hooked bowings. This piece is on contest lists in a number of states, and it is also available for string orchestra (00480) permitting the entire orchestra to experience it.

“OMEA Class” refers to the assigned difficulty rating on the Ohio Music Educators Association Required List.

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