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In Memoriam: Percy F. Hall
March 6, 1928 - May 30, 2019
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Brass Quintets and Sextets

Brass Quintets
”Aida” Grand March - Verdi/Hall            Score sample
Difficulty: MD  OMEA Class: B  Publ. Code: 00465  
Giuseppe Verdi is one of operas greatest composers and “Aida” is one of his best and most grandiose, even with elephants included in the cast! This grand march from the opera will be familiar to many, as it is often used by bands and orchestras for festive and ceremonial occasions. The melody is transferred from one part to another throughout the quintet. This is a challenging quintet rhythmically, technically and musically. It is not easy for a quintet entering class B events, but well worth the effort.

Hymn Tune from Boston (1842) - Hall, arr.
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20504217  
The origin of this hymn tune is unknown, but because of its tonality it fits that period in colonial times when Lowell Mason, the most prolific American hymn composer, began his experiment with music education in the Boston public schools. This arrangement treats the theme with several variations with flowing moving parts. Range is not a problem in any of the parts. Keys are F major with the final treatment in G major. There are many ritards and fermati followed by a tempo which will test the skills of playing together for young players. Instrumentation is standard with optional trombone part for horn, and a treble euphonium part for trombone. Duration is just over 3 minutes. This quintet offers a very worthwhile musical experience for players with limited range and endurance.

Grand March - Hall
Difficulty: E  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20504215  
Grand March is an original composition which may be used for contest, concert, or for some dignified occasion for a processional. Technical demands and ranges of all instruments are minimal. The key is Eb major throughout. It begins with a short fanfare leading in to the principal theme in a broad marcato style. The contrasting theme is a round which serves as an interlude before returning to the main theme. Instrumentation is standard with optional trombone part for horn, and a treble euphonium part for trombone. This is an excellent quintet for developing players emphasizing tone and style.

March in F - Purcell/Hall
Difficulty: E  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20504214  
Henry Purcell was the finest English composer of the late 17th century. This march was composed for a ceremonial occasion and will be familiar to music teachers and perhaps their students as well. It will serve as an excellent vehicle for learning to play an effective marcato style. Ranges of all instruments are quite limited and the key is Eb major. Instrumentation is standard with optional trombone part for horn, and a treble euphonium part for trombone. This offers an excellent first experience as a brass quintet.

Spirituals - Hall, arr.
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 00287  
The five tunes included in this medley are a part of our American Heritage: Steal Away, Liza Jane, My Lord What a Mornin’, Oh, Mary Don’t You Weep, and Little David Play On Your Harp. All of them are spirituals except for Liza Jane which is a southern mountain song. The tunes are all melodic and rhythmic in an obvious manner that will not be difficult to learn, and will surely be and enjoyable experience for both those who are performing and the audience as well. In addition to the standard quintet instrumentation there is an optional trombone part provided for the F horn part, and treble euphonium parts are provided for the bass clef trombone and euphonium parts. The quintet is equally effective as a brass choir with multiple players on each part, and a percussion part is also provided when used as such which includes snare drum, bass drum and suspended cymbals. The range of the first trumpet part is up to high F, but all other parts are more limited, so that concentration in rehearsing and performing can be directed to musical aspects.

Sunday in the Country - Hall
Difficulty: E  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 20504216  
This two movement quintet t ells a short story of activities that often take place in a rural area on a typical Sunday in the summertime. Families attend church in the morning and then share in an afternoon picnic. The first music is slow and lyrical and in contrast the second movement is light and frivolous. Two diverse musical styles are emphasized. Both movements are in Eb major and ranges of all instruments are limited so that concentration is upon the musical aspects of the performance. Instrumentation is standard with optional trombone part for horn, and a treble euphonium part for trombone.

Brass Sextet
Two Civil War Songs (Aura Lee and Dixie) - Hall, arr.
Difficulty: ME  OMEA Class: C  Publ. Code: 00192  
Both of these songs have been popular since the mid 19th century. They offer a diverse experience in musical style, and will be enjoyed by performers and audiences alike because of their familiarity. Dixie presents some challenges in articulation and style. Range of first trumpet is up to high F, but first trombone only to high D. The F Horn part is quite limited in range and can be played by a 3rd trumpet. Keys are F and Bb major. This sextet is equally effective as a brass choir with multiple players on each part. An optional percussion part for snare and bass drums is provided but intended for use only if the performing group is a brass choir. The dedication is to Jack Gray, a long time successful band director in the Shelby, Ohio schools.

“OMEA Class” refers to the assigned difficulty rating on the Ohio Music Educators Association Required List.

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